Coder Life: It’s a Never-Ending Learning Journey!

Coder Life: It’s a Never-Ending Learning Journey!

Growth Tips from My Coder Diary


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Becoming a software engineer is the best choice I’ve ever made! Coding has been my jam for as long as I can remember — I just can’t get enough. I spend a lot of my time every day just learning and getting better at it. This passion has given me many skills, especially in full-stack development.

Having this broad knowledge is a massive bonus in my career. It helps me collaborate effectively with developers from different platforms and gives me a comprehensive picture when I’m working on projects, making communication across teams a breeze.

Being Curious

Have you ever wondered, “Wow, how’d they do that?” or “What’s happening behind the scenes?”. That’s always me whenever I look at a cool new app or a tech breakthrough.

This persistent desire to know more isn’t just a passing feeling and keeps me learning and discovering new things every day. It got me totally hooked on awesome tech stuff like Python/Django, JS/TypeScript/NodeJS, and GraphQL, even while I’m all about that mobile app development life.

I worked with Ngoc at Tibber for roughly a year and a half, where I also took part in his hiring. Both during the hiring process as well as the employment, he proved to be both skillful, curious and very resourceful when contributing in a very modern, fast-paced, and complex software engineering environment. I would happily work with Ngoc again and can strongly recommend him! — 2023, Engineering Manager at Tibber

Staying Updated

Staying up-to-date with trends and updates is a must in software development. It not only helps you up your game but also makes your life as a developer more enjoyable and efficient.

I’m constantly in search of cool and insightful resources. I’m always deep-diving into places like Medium, where intelligent folks hang out, sharing their knowledge and insights in a way that’s just easy to understand. It feels like having a custom library of books written just for you.

For fellow Mobile Developers like me, here are some excellent blog sources:

Also, I never miss out on events like WWDC and Google I/O each year. These events are where tech giants reveal their latest innovations and tools, offering valuable insights crucial to staying ahead of the constantly changing tech industry.

Learning by Doing

I’m all about learning by doing. Whenever there’s a buzz about new tech stuff, I get my hands dirty instead of just reading or watching from afar. Through this hands-on hustle, I really get to understand the good, the bad, and the ugly of these new kids on the block while keeping my coding skills as sharp as a tack.

A project that I'm working on to learn Apollo GraphQL

Jumping Out of Comfort Zone

I’m always up for a challenge when it comes to exploring new technologies, even if it means working on different platforms or tackling server-side tasks. This approach has transformed me into a versatile “Swiss Army knife” of coding, always ready to take on whatever comes my way.

A real “Swiss Army knife” with knowledge and diverse skills that can handle most of everything I throw at him. In addition, his teamwork, responsibility and passion in software development is huge. — 2014, Engineering Manager at Dirox

Building Learning Environments

In my opinion, the workplace can be an incredible learning environment. It’s where you’re surrounded by experts always ready to share their knowledge and support your growth. Now, if this isn’t the usual vibe at your workplace, don’t hesitate to make it happen yourself. Start knowledge-sharing sessions within your team and encourage open discussions on various topics.

Hey, Bosses Out There

Updating skills and knowledge is kind of like a never-ending story for developers. And trust me, giving them a hand to climb up the learning curve can only mean good news for your business. It doesn’t just amp up their game at work but gets them all fired up to do their best.

  • Don’t hesitate if your team requests an hour or two for a learning meeting. It’s an investment in the team’s long-term performance.

  • Don’t dismiss requests from your employees to create a bookshelf or allocate time monthly for discussing what they’ve learned from books. These initiatives foster a culture of continuous learning.

  • Don’t question or deny your employees their holidays when they wish to attend conferences or events.

  • Encourage them to explore, learn, and return fresh insights to the team.

Offer more support and opportunities for learning and growth, and you’ll find your team becoming more skilled and motivated to contribute their best.

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